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Will There Be Elections?

May 16, 2009


COMELEC Chairman Jose Melo has quite vigorously stirred the hornet’s nest over his no elections scenario even as the head of the poll body’s bidding panels gave assurances that they are still on track in the planned selection of the technology and systems supplier for next year’s automated national elections.

Chairman Melo and Atty. Ferdinand Rafanan should perhaps be comparing notes more often because if Rafanan is telling us the truth then there should be no justification for the No-El bogey, right?

So where is the venerable Justice Melo’s  chaotic scenario coming from?

Are there events, or entities, working to subvert the COMELEC’s calendared preparations for peaceful, orderly, and honest elections?

Chairman Melo must surely understand that he is not speaking in a vacuum given how seemingly fertile the socio-political ground is for both legal and extra-legal actions that could either lead to the term extension of the outgoing regime or its overthrow by adventurist forces in the military.

There’s also that disquieting side story of the toilet incident video uploaded by parties unknown on YouTube which is now the object of investigation both by the NBI and the poll body’s resident Ombudsman.


While Filipinos have been repeatedly assured that Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is stepping down from office after the elections there are ground murmurs about such actions as a right-wing ‘internal’ coup or the long-feared scenario of a casus belli for emergency rule being found, or created.

There also remains that nagging charter change initiative that just refuses to die with Mrs. Arroyo suspected of either seeking term extension despite her denials or of the highly unpopular chief executive being ‘elected’ deputado from Lubao, Pampanga and then prime minister under a shift to parliamentary government.

So against this backdrop of dark suspicions and political maneuverings, the institution that is the COMELEC should most genuinely get its act together with its own chairman either putting up or shutting up.


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