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Dionisia Pacquiao, The Social Debutante

May 18, 2009


The Philippines’ King of Fists, Manny Pacquiao is not just the world’s pound for pound boxing champ but is also a living national treasure.

So it’s not at all surprising that many consider him their lucky charm.

The government of the day has even named him ambassador of goodwill on one end while also appointing him as an intelligence agent of sorts.

The latter designation has since been downplayed, it being an obvious attempt to ‘own’ the Pacman even as his own P{eople’s Champ Movement has already sought accreditation as Manny political party in his run for the congressional seat of Sarangani province.

But don’t look now, it’s Manny’s own Nanay Dionisia who’s just made her social debut on her 60th birthday!

She’s the toast of the town and a media darling in her own right.

There’s now talk of a BioPic for Manny’s single Nanay side by side with the absolute hogwash of a story that she and her DI, dance instructor, are ‘an item’.

But in the same manner that Filipinos are urging Manny to protect his hard earned finances and not enter politics. Many are hoping Nanay Dionisia’s newbotn celebrity status does not spoil her.

It’ll be such a pity if she becomes a modern day social-climbing Dona Victory with all the negative connotations that go with such an image.

We want her to fully enjoy the comforts and recognition borne out of the way she’s instilled the fear of God, love of Country, humility, and generosity in Manny Pacquiao.

Do keep your feet on the ground, Nanay Dionisia.

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