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The Prisoner Abuse Photos Pres. Obama Doesn’t Want Us To See

May 18, 2009


Almost no comment is necessary. In this montage are 7 of the 16 images published by the U.K. Telegraph drawn from the material first aired by the Australian TV Network SBS.

There are reportedly some 7,000 such images portraying prisoner abuse in Iraq which U.S. Pres. Barack Obama has withheld publication of in the American press.

There is no information thus far about when and exactly where in Iraq these incidents took place.

But they come to light two weeks before Mr. Obama’s visit to Egypt where he will be making a major speech to the Arab world, his first since his inauguration.

These will undoubtedly present Pres. Obama his biggest foreign police headache in his young presidency.

While Mr. Obama has ordered a stop to the infamous “enhanced terogation techniques’ like waterboarding used by his predecessor the ghost of Iraqi prisoners abuses is a haunting that he’ll have to exorcise at the soonest time possible.

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