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Trouble In Paradise: The Alleged Fund Mess in Palawan

May 19, 2009


The story first broke in the Philippine Daily Inquirer just over a month ago, on April 16 to be exact. But the brewing trouble in paradise is seeking resolution given how it impacts on Palawan’s oil revenue-enriched coffers.


It also threatens to tarnish the legacy of one of the stellar names in Palawan – Mitra – with serious questions as to how the national government has been allocating the billions of pesos in earnings from the Malampaya oil field that belongs to the national patrimony.

Pristine Palawan hold a special place in this writer’s heart given how the Philippines’ last frontier is far and away blessed with the absence of rebel strike and ethnic divisions much unlike Midanao.

Rep. Baham Mitra is general considered a worthy inheritor of the political legacy of his father, Ramon Mitra, Jr. who is one of the great presidents this country never had.

I say this because the unresolved and still simmering questions about the possible misuse of Palawan’s Malampaya revenue for such controversial undertakings as the Puerto Princesa Airport could heighten before they are clarified.

I am gathering the affidavits from persons with intimate knowledge of the alleged fund misuse and would certainly hope that the truth is able to see the light of day sooner rather than later.

No one among us would surely want to see the paradise that is Palawan become another example of how corruption destroys hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow.

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