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Another Actress, Another Video Scandal

May 22, 2009

katherine luna montage

The storm over the sex tapes involving actress JKatrina Halili is still raging but a new scandal is surfacing: the claim of actress Katherina Luna that her own ex-boyfriend is “blackmailing” her over an explicit video clip of hers.

Interview on GMA Network, Ms. Lune admitted that she and her ex-boyfriend, given the alias Carlo’ in the new report, admited that “we had our private videos,” adding that her boyfriend then had physically abused her, even “punching me in the face when we had a bad quarrel.”

Luna exprssed fear that her mothers and other family members would learn of her ordeal since “they always watch TV.”

The material has now also surfaced in the same adult site which carries the Halili-Kho videos.
The site, Flesh Asia Daily, features archives of patently pornographic video clips and photographs of local and foreign personalities.

With  the site appearing to be resident in a foreign Internet domain with servers in an unknown location it is obvious that any action Philippine authorities can take will involve coordination with agencies beyond Philippine legal jurisdiction.

This only means the cyber-crime division of the National Bureau of Investigation will have to work closely with such groups as the Interpol if anything tangible will come out its handling of the Hayden Kho and now the Katherine Luna video scandal.

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