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Hayden Kho, His Mama’s Boy (UPDATED)

May 27, 2009


The gloves have come off in Hayden-Gate with the sex video scandal now pitting Mrs. Irene Kho, the mother of beleaguered celebrity cosmetic surgeon Hayden Kho, accusing actress Katrina Halili of being inducing her son, no longer a minor, to use prohibited drugs.

She had no explanation, however, how her dear son took up the quirky ‘talent’ of using a hidden camera to compile a portfolio of pornographic sex tapes of his paramours in action, with the body of work Senators Miriam Santiago and Bong Revilla consider prima facie evidence of Hayden’s violation of the law againg abusing women and minors.

Mrs. Kho is even accusing popular talent manager Lolit Solis of “scripting” Katrina’s tearful public denunciation of her erstwhile sex partner’s secret filming of their intimate encounter which has since been posted on the Internet and sold by pirates as sex scandal DVDs.

Now Hayden’s lawyer, Lorna Kapunan, has asked senators that her client’s scheduled testimony tomorrow be held in executive session “to protect Hayden’s right to privacy.”

This is happening against the backdrop of speculations about who downloaded the sex videos from Kho’s computer which was allegedly kept in the condominium unit of Dr. Vicky Belo, also one of Hayden’s paramours.

The sordid affair is being investigated by the National Bureau of Investigation given allegations that upwards of a tag price 2-million pesos had been sought by the video pirates for their pornographic merchandise.

The scandal is serving as a wake up call about the moral decay enveloping Philippine society with the deplorable mix of drugs, illicit sexual relations and naked disregard for privacy and women’s rights served up in screaming headlines.

Thus HaydenGate andal has turned into a ‘She Sain, He Said, She Said’ drama with the mother of the 29-year-old plastic surgeon wittingly presenting herself as protegonist apart from agravating the already negative public opinions against them.

There are now even warnings that openhearings by the Senate into the scandal may subject the victims to Hayden Kho to further public embarassment akin to gang rape.

Mrs. Irene Kho’s probably saying “WTF, we might as well all go down together in shame.”

My good friend Ricky Rivera over at the Pinoy Observer has an interesting scoop.

He writes:

Sometime last year, Dr. Kho and two of his closest friends, a certain Bistek and another one, a Eric Johnson Chua, got into a vicious fight. These friends, who normally stay in the condo unit by Kho, shares a lot of intimate moments together. Like other bosom buddies, Kho allows these men to view his most intimate times with his girlfriend victims. Kho revealed to his friends that he made videos of his girlfriends and their “sexual escapades, the latest of course, the Halili sex tapes.

Anyway, it was reported that Bistek, one of Kho’s friends, is slated to get married to a rich and beautiful girl named Princess. One night, however, Bistek did the unthinkable—he had sex with another woman. Princess got wind of this and went to Kho for counselling.

Instead of giving the girl some comfort and peace of mind, Kho reportedly misled the girl and had sex with her. Bistek learned of this treachery and vowed to take revenge.

Late last year when Kho went on drug rehab, Bistek and Chua went to Vicki Belo and asked her if they can get the laptop of Kho inside the condo unit. Vicki agreed. After one and half hours, the two returned the laptop and gave Vicki a copy of a hard disc. Unknown to her, the two already produced numerous copies of Kho’s sex tapes.

Chua reportedly uploaded some online and tried to sell the salacious sex tapes to the underground illegal DVD pirates for 2 million pesos. The pirates did not bite since the normal going rate for such videos is just 50,000 pesos.

The first salvo of these sex tapes was aired on FleshAsiadaily and quickly spread across the internet.  Senator Revilla got wind of this and immediately took action.

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  1. May 27, 2009 6:36 am

    My good friend, Ricky Rivera, over at Pinoy Observer, has this scoop:

  2. Gem permalink
    May 27, 2009 1:18 pm

    FYI. Princess is not really rich. She used to work for the Belo Medical Group in the Marketing Dept.

  3. Gem permalink
    May 27, 2009 8:43 pm

    The Princess that your friend Ricky Rivera was talking about. She was from the Marketing Dept but was kicked out when the controversy happened late last year.

  4. jcc34 permalink
    May 28, 2009 1:09 am


    I am reposting my comment in a previous article.


    Double standard as usual. If an unknown beauty had sex with Mr. Kho for fun or profit we have no problem descibing her in a language known all to well, “Pok-Pok”.

    But if it is with the frontline sex symbol of a big TV-Network, we call her a “victim of injustice”.

    Hay buhay Pinoy, totally out of sync.

    • May 28, 2009 4:54 am

      Yes, jcc, out of sync is how things have become.

      Let me share this reaction an lady friend emailed me:

      “So mother defends son and blames the woman who others think might be his victim or co-conspirator. This is despite evidence to the contrary and proven previous bad behavior.

      Question: Are Filipinos still mired in this double-standard which harks back to older generations where men and especially sons can do no wrong, and can do what they want to women? Complicated issue, shall we begin by taking a long hard look at ourselves in the mirror. What’s the bottom line here?”

  5. jcc34 permalink
    May 28, 2009 6:10 am


    My “double standard” comment is different from the double standard spoken of in the email, i.e., one standard for the male and another standard for the female.

    My double standard is between female who is lesser endowed and less popular and one whom you have described as “well-chiseled face and bossom, buttocks and boobs”. You have sex with the former for fun or profit and the episode got documented in the internet, we call the woman “Pok Pok”, in the latter, “we call the woman victim of injustice”… hahahahaha…..

    I am not an admirer of Mr. Kho. He can burn in hell just like Ms. Katrina for all I care.
    But least us see if they are human enough to ask forgiveness to God and the public at large.

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