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Of Proxy Presidents And ‘Kingmaker’ Vice Presidents (UPDATED)

May 27, 2009

gma noli puno montage

Confuse the enemy.

This could very well be how the government of the day is essaying its end-game strategy with less than 12 months left on its questioned tenure.

The day’s end will see Gloria Macapagal Arroyo unwrapping the merger political juggernaut of PALAKA, the Partido Lakas-KAMPI or if you want another whimsical acronym – BAKLA for Bagong KAMPI-Lakas.

This while the lapdoggish congressional allies of Mrs. Arroyo try to undertake a plenary railroading of the still alive Con-Ass con game with term extension up their sleeves, Resolution 1109 being disguised as an attempt to simply relax constitutional restrictions on alien ownership of business to spur economic growth drived by foreign capital inflow.

That Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is a headstrong and hands on chief executive there is no doubt.

Barring term extension, the question is whether  in June next year she really will be stepping down in June next year to retire and simply oversee her presidential library that’s being built in the Ateneo.

Or will PALAKA or BAKLA , the Partido Lakas-Kampi be the vehicle for the installation of a proxy president in Noli De Castro with a Rasputinesque Vice President in the person of Eonaldo Puno, the current interior and local government secretary?

Puno has long been acknowledged as a ‘king-maker’, a political strategist and operator who cut his teeth first as understudy to Marcos-era interior ministry boss Jose Rono, and moved on to truly be his own power center, running the election-critical machinery of the DILG.

The DILG is not only critical in the ‘management of elections, it’s also the overseer of all local government executives plus the national police organization.

Now finally, Mr. Puno says he’s open to the idea of becoming the running mate of the thoroughly pliant Noli ‘Kabayan’ De Castro who’s most outstanding achievement is being doggedly loyal to GMA in obeisance to rule of law and constitutional pecking order.

To be fair to the current vice president, GMA certainly rued the day she had nominated Tito Guingona, Jr. as her VP after the “constructive resignation of Joseph Ejercito Estrada.

The independent-minded and nationalistic Guingona proved to be a painful thorn on Gloria’s side, refusing to be silent about shenanigans and patent misgovernance by the Philippines’ first female president.

So De Castro has been a most agreeable VP, content at running the cut and dried socialized housing agencies given that their huge budgets allowed him to regularly appear in advocacy ads that that helped him maintain high popularity ratings.

So it will just be okay for Noli if GMA anoint him with the add-on that Puno will be his vice president-cum-handler.

Is that how things will shape up?

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  1. May 28, 2009 9:55 am

    Luis Villafuerte is a no-show at the Lakas Kampi CMD nuptials. Bakit kaya?? Must be the Con-Ass fiasco.

    But CES DRILON is there…repaying a recent favor from FVR?

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