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Hayden Kho Shamed At Senate Hearing (UPDATED)

May 28, 2009


The man  who brought shame and scandal upon the women he shared a promiscuous bed with experienced a taste of public wrath and scandal at the Senate hearing intended to help craft laws to prevent the spread of the type of video slips Hayden Kho filmed with his hidden camera.

I must confess bias against Kho and surely his assailant, former policeman Abner Afuang, should bear the full brunt of the alarm and scandal he caused at the Senate.

But I’m sure this a small price Afuang is ready to pay as his stunt was a strike for women’s rights.
It was the first time Katrina and Hayden came face to face since the sex video scandal erupted and she was visibly distressed by what happened today.

I am awaiting fuller details about how the hearing went as of posting time.

But I am almost sure Senator Jamby Madrigal will now think twice about keeping the hearing open to the public, at least while Katrina and  Hayden are present as ‘resource persons’.

Hayden has every reason to cry foul over what happened but he must surely realize he has only himself to blame.



The morning after ex policeman Afuang emptied a bottle of water on Hayden, Senator Madrigal told DZMM radio the “exact timing of Mr. Afuang’s stunt is curious,” hinting that it “may have been staged to draw sentiment in Hayden’s favor.”

“I don’t want to rush to judgment but Atty. Kapunan (Kho’s lawyer) was already shouting moments before the incident.”

While Hayden appeared nonplussed by the incident, with his mother immediately rushing to his side, Katrina appeared genuinely shocked by what happened.

Addressing the senators after order had returned, these were her words:

I loved Hayden. I was young so I was easily blinded to think that I was the only one who owned his heart. But like any relationship that began with lies, this did not go anywhere.“I never thought that every embrace and kiss was scripted. I fully gave my heart and soul to a man who was doing his own movie.

I was so foolish, instead of a doctor, he was a director. I made a mistake and I admit it. My fault is that I loved him and I believed that he loved me too completely. He told me I was the princess in his other world. I was young so I was made to believe easily.But like all other relationships that started with a lie, this went nowhere.

I gave my heart and soul wholly to a man who turned out to be doing his own movie,I was stupid. Instead of a doctor, he was a director.He said I was his princess in his second world, I was young; it was easy to make me believe. I am the victim here. Every day I am the victim each time the video is watched.

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  1. aperockstar permalink
    May 29, 2009 12:41 am

    The look on Katrina Halili’s face when water was poured on Hayden’s head was priceless. lol.

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