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Hayden Kho Slams Katrina Halili As The Actress Weeps (UPDATED)

May 29, 2009

haydengate 6 montage

Katrina told her story tearfully before the Senate yesterday, but her narrative was poignantly feminine.

The now jobless actress spoke about how the villain in Hayden-Gate, plastic surgeon Hayden Kho courted her en route to secretly videotaping their lovemaking which has turned into the Philippines’ most sensational sex scandal, feeding upon the voyeuristic mentality of Filipinos.

The public hearing began quite scandalously too with an ex-policeman wearing the press badge of two tabloids went behind Hayden to shower him with a bottle of water.

Abner Afuang could face six months in jail for disrupting a Senate proceeding.
When order was finally restored,

Katrina and her one-time lover’s exchange was a classic story of sex, lies, and video tape.

Appearing unrepentant despite previous apologies made through media interviews, the 29-year old Kho claimed her former lover did lure him into using the drug Ecstacy and that all the actress wanted was sex and drugs.

He claimed knowing who supplied the illegal substance but said the “big-timesupplier can easily have me killed.”

Katrina lashed out at Hayden for feigning affection and violating her honor with his hidden camera coverage of their intimate moments.

The scandal looks headed for messier days.


Katrina has tested negative for use of the drug Ecstacy, contrary to the claim of her defamers, mother and Irene and Hayden Kho.

In a somewhat theatrical contrast, Hayden didn’t go through with the PDEA drug test since he already confesssed to using Ecstasy.

And believe or not, the Khos say they will now become campaigners for a drug-free Philippines.

But not to fast folks.

You’l have to reckon with your legal troubles, with Hayden facing not just sevdere censure from the Philippine Medical Association but moves for the Professional Regulation Commission to cancel his doctor’s license.

The wages of sin.

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  1. jcc34 permalink
    May 29, 2009 9:16 pm


    it is getting messy everyday.. hehehehehehehe..

  2. aperockstar permalink
    May 29, 2009 9:43 pm

    watching katrina and hayden exchange accusations and ‘slaps’ in front of Jamby Madrigal is like watching the most popular couple in school going at it inside the guidance counselor’s office. hahaha.

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