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FVR Gives PaLaKa The ‘Dirty Finger’, In A Way (UPDATED)

May 30, 2009


The more things change the more they stay the same.

This is the state of Philippine traditional politics today.

The main architect of the just completed merger of PaLaKa – Partido Lakas-Kampi, newly-declared vice presidential aspirant Ronaldo Puno says this is a historic step towards bringing “transformational politics to the Philippines.”

Quite a step indeed, at face and rhetorical value, given that the current regime of his boss Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has been tagged as corruption-driven “transactional politics” by presidential aspirants such as erstwhile administration ally Sen. Richard Gordon and former GMA trade secretary, now putative Liberal Party presidential standard bearer Sen. Mar Roxas.

That such a tag as “transformational politics” is met with distrust is evident in the reaction of former president Fidel Valdez Ramos who denounced the literal hijacking of the party he himself created as “having been done with undue haste not on the basis of consultations but on instruructions from the top – the unmistakeable reference to his former acolyte, GMA.

As marriages of convenience go, master political strategist that he is, DILG Sec. Puno is predicting a sweep by the PaLaKa juggernaut next year.

For good measure, Mrs. Arroyo herself is saying “this is the best assurance that there will be elections.”

Philippine Daily Inquirer, its eye keen on spotting well composed shots outdoes itself with its its selection of the photo of FVR holding his ubiquitous cigar in a way that it looks more like he’s giving the GMA’s PaLaka the iconical derisive iconic dirty finger.

PaLaKa leaders are scrambling to placate Mr. Ramos. Buy they are denying there was “undue haste” in the formation of what critics are also calling GMA’s own KBL-ala Marcos.

To their ‘credit’ though, the party marriage achieved one goal, according two at least two party personalities I spoke to: the resignation of recently removed House Speaker Jose De Venecia who is Lakas president emeritus

This Sunday afternoon, oon line reports are saying Mr. Ramos “has been appeased” after his tantrum.—Palace-exec


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  1. mossaymo permalink
    May 31, 2009 9:39 am

    We have yet to see that the merger of the two dominant administration parties (Lakas & Kampi) is more to its advantage than otherwise. For now, one thing is certain though – that this political marriage seems to be between couples only (Puno & Prospero) minus the relatives.

    For example, in the case of North Cotabato, Rep. Lala Talino Mendoza (of Kampi) and Vice Gov. Manny Pinol (of Lakas) are now all poised to go against each other for the gubernatorial post here. From all indications this is unstoppable.

    Several other instances of Lakas local candidates pitted against Kampi local candidates happened in the 2007 elections. In most cases the rivalries reached such magnitude and intensity that they might have created wounds that even this merger could not heal.

    In a situation where the political marriage between Lakas and Kampi was possible only at the top, there is a loose pseudo alliance at the local level which can be exploited by the opposition to its advantage. In that situation, former Pres. Ramos was right in saying that the merger was done with undue haste and I would add lack of grassroots consultation within the party heirarchy.

    PaLaKa (Partido Lakas Kampi) boosts of more than 70% membership from Governors and Mayors across the country but how they would react, or act, to this merger especially with respect to the coming presidential election is something interesting and could baffle political analysts.

    • May 31, 2009 3:01 pm

      Hi mossaymo,

      You are certainly close to the mark if not spot on.
      The political sands can still shift significsantly as November 30 approached and if the PaLaKa platform takes credible shape, it could conceivably leap-frog (pun intended) to victory despite the conventional wisdom that 2010 will be a protest vote vs. Gloria.

      Join me in watching how the landscape evolves.

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