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Katrina Halili Sues Irene Kho; Fears Are Raised Over Scandal Turning Into High Stakes Blackmail

May 30, 2009

katrina belo affidavits grfx montage

Celebrity plastic surgeon says he doesn’t want to go to jail for the sex video scandal involving his former bed-mates.

But the controversy could be spiralling upward with Senator Jamby Madrigal warning that it could turn into a high stakes game of blackmail with those who now have the estimated 40 video clips cracked from Vicky Belo’s laptop computer using these for extortion operations.

According to Madrigal, she’s received information that those in possesion of the sex tape have strong connections in the show business industry and could use the tapes to blackmail other popular personalities who could be in the Hayden Kho collection.

The legal troubles got bigger this week with Katrina Halili filing libel charges over Mrs. Irene Kho’s claim that she turned Hayden into a drug user.

Hayden is trying to remove suspicions that Vicky Belo herself leaked the sex videos.
But Belo has admitted she had accidentally discovered the porno flicks after asking computer experts to crack open her password-protected laptop.

The resolution of the mystery over what happened to the sex clips after that will impact on whether Hayden himself will escape jail time, not to mention the prospects of his losing his license as a medical practitioner.

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