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Are Hayden Kho and Edison Chen Soul Mates?: Sex Scandals Parallels And Contrasts

June 1, 2009


It was just in late April when a Hong Kong magistrate convicted the main suspect in the sex scandal that destroyed the career of Edison Chen, once the top draw of the former British colony’s show business industry.

Edison Chen appeared in the 2002 hit Hong Kong police thriller ‘Infernal Affairs’  and in the 2006 horror movie ‘The Grudge 2’ alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar.

In the Hong Kong scandal, the photos which found their way to the Internet showed Chen performing sex acts with eight Hong Kong actresses and singers.

The socially conservative ethnic Chinese community went into a tizzy over the sex scandal and forced the Chinese-Canadian entertainer and the other stars to take extended breaks.

The main suspect, technician, Sze Ho-chun, was convicted of three counts of accessing a computer for dishonest gains and is expected to be slapped jail time.

Compared to Chen, Hayden Kho is quite several rung much lower on the celebrity ladder, having gained a share of the showbiz limelight because of his Celebrity Duets appearance with erstwhile sex partner Katrina Halili and his acknowledgd status as ‘boy toy’ of moneyed ‘matron’ girlfriend, co-plastic surgeon Vicky Belo.

Edison Chen has now based himself in Canada while hoping to rebuild his showbiz career while Hayden is facing the prospect of being charged in several counts of violating the law the abuse of women’s rights.

While both men have publicly apologized for their sex scandals there are those who credibly question the sincerity of Hayden given dissonant notes sounded by his own mother and Belo who is many years his senior.

The wheels of justice moved quite swiftly in the Chen sex scandal with the trial lasting all of ten days but in HaydenGate apart from the Senate exploiting the case ostensibly to craft new anti porn laws police probers are still piecing the jigsaw puzzle together with just the names of Hayden’s fraternity brods who supposedly cracked Belo laptop  , the repository of the sex video clibs.

The women in Edison’s sex photos have not hailed him to court while it remains to be seen if Katrina Halili’s lead will be followed by Hayden’s other bed partners.


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  1. aperockstar permalink
    June 1, 2009 9:14 pm

    Edison Chen is HUGE in Hong Kong. Dr.Hayden’s popularity here is cowdung compared to Chen’s. The magnitude of Chen’s scandal I think made more impact to the HK community/world.

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