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The President’s Men Are Leaving Her

June 1, 2009


Gloria Arroyo’s men are leaving her, her Cabinet men that is.

But it’s not a confidence crisis but simply the reality that they are individuals whose calling it is “to be a man for others,”

Among those leaving the GMA Cabinet, those nurturing dreans of high office are her Defense Secretary, Gilbert Teodoro who says “it’s the presidency or bust” and Interior and Local Government secretary Ronaldo Puno

Up to three-fourths of the members of GMA’s official family are resigning to beat the November 30 deadline for political wannabees to file certificates of candidacy in next year’s polls.

Yes they are leaving her side in the hope of being reborn as Senators, or at worse, Congressmen.

First out of the door is Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales who’s gunning to be the next mayor of his native Iloilo City.

These guys should be applauded really, no matter how one views how GMA herself has run our lives these past 9 years.

They must be able to chart their professional futures anew whatever may be the backlash, or benefit, of their close affiliation with Ate Glo.

To be fair, no serious questions against the integrity of  the GMA 8 have been  raised against any of them and even if there were any such are simply accusations absent the presentation of credible proof.

Agriculture Secretary Arthur is considered among GMA’s favorites, having been her student in business school while President is not only a well-respected journalist but also hails from the presidential bailiwick of Cebu.

Health Secretary Francisco Dugue has been earning plaudits for his handling of the swine flu scare and is a Kapampangan like his boss.

Secretary Puno is really his own man being a grizzled political tactician while rabidly loyal Gonzales is concededly the nemesis of all of Arroyo’s critics (which is probably while he’s not seeking national office but just wants to be city mayor).

Emducation boss Jesli Lapus has just been forced to cancell the allgedly anomalous PhP 400-M plus noodle purchases of the his department while Agrarian Reform Secretary Nasser Pangandaman is not exactly the best friend of farmers ill-served by the agrarian reform program, not to mention is widely criticized bystander role in the golf course mauling incident involvimng his son, a Lanao town mayor.

Good luck gents.

As for any charges she herself may face after she leaves office, that’s for Mrs. Arroyo and her accomplices to wiggle out of.

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