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Why Villar Is Snubbing His Ethics Trial

June 3, 2009


Now we know why Senator Manny Villar has been thumbing his arrogant nose at the sessions of the Senate Committee Of the Whole that]has him on trial for allegedly pocketing hundreds of millions of pesos in windfall profits from the land valuation increase triggered by that controversial realignment-plus-extension of the C-5 project.

Villar pulled out his trump card: his self-commissioned Social Weather Station survey that has him leading the field of presidential wannabees.


And his release of the opinion surveys comes right after the disclosure of the competing Puls Asia report that has Villar trailing Vice President Noli De Castro, Sen. Chiz Escudero, and former president Erap Estrada.


Apart from Villar being ahead of the pack in the SWS report, the other detail that stand out is how the tail-ender in this list is Sen. Mar Roxas who was the biggest gainer in the Pulse Asia poll and Sen. Panfilo Lacson who has exposed the C-5 budget double insertion is nowhere in the SWS top rankings.

With his commissioned opinion survey tucked under his belt, Villar’s probably just laughing at Sen. Jamby Madrigal’s estimate that he earned up to PhP 400-M from the C-5 road project that  benefited 16 of his housing properties.

Between 400-M big ones the cost of his SWS survey amounts to chump change.

What’s more, the good Senator is bent on painting his accusers as “medieval era persecutors” with poor him as the victim, mega-rich victim that is.


Over at FilipinoVoices, Manuel Buencamino has this insightful take on Villar:

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