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Edison Chen ‘Teaches’ Hayden Kho Lessons In Sincerity

June 4, 2009


A major difference in the in the attitudes of Hayden Kho ang Edison Chen has come to the fore: the sincerity or lack of it the apologies offered to both the pucli and the victims in their sex scandals,

This facet of Edison’s character surfaced in the interview Chen has just done on the CHNN show TalkAsia.

Most striking is Edison’s sincerity and his acknowledgment that “I am also responsible somehow for what happened since I had taken the images with the knowledge of my girl friends.”

He told CNN  that he has even “forgiven the technician who stole the material from my laptop.”

He admitted that he “has not spoken to Gillian Cheung and the 6 other women whose names and careers were tarnished by the incident but I am ready to face them anytime to again say that I am soncerely sorry for what happened.”

Edisin’s latest remarks come a year after the scandal broke out and are consistent with the positions he expressed right after the estimated 1,300 photos taken from his laptop were posted oonline:

edison apology montage

Chen’s remarks are widely different from that of Hayden Kho who apolozed publicly to Katrina but also accused her of “just only asking for sex and giving him the drug Ecstasy.”

Hayden can learn quite a lot from Edison.

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