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Uniting VS The Con-Ass Cha-Cha Con Game Via FaceBook (UPDATED WITH LINKS)

June 7, 2009



The struggle of ordinary Filipinos against tyranny by entities elected to public office but who refuse to heed the voice of the Sovereign is no longer being waged simply on our streets where so-called civil disturbance units wield oppression using water cannons and truncheons.

We are on the World Wide Web, more specifically on FaceBook and on our networked blogs, and YouTube channels.

We have found an ally in the Blas F. Ople Policy and Training Center headed by Susan ‘Toots’ Ople, principled daughter of the late patriot, and her nephew, new media guru Carlo ‘Wauks’ Ople.

The alliance against House Resolution 1109 was forged yesterday with our first FaceBooK Bloggers No To Con-Ass EyeBall with maverick Congressman Roilo Golez affirming just how 1109 was shamelessly and arrogantly railroaded minutes before might last week by the men of the newly merged PaLaKa – Partido Lakas Kampi.


The campaign is being waged now through several sites on the Web.

These include:

Golez revealed how the Committee of Constitutional Amendment chaired by Victor Ortega has approved the committee report fast-tracking the plenary vote on the measure WITHOUT the report on the conduct of the hearing much less a companion report from the Committee on Rules!!!

Golez has almost single-handedly advocated increased public awareness for the machinations attending 1109’s viva voce adoption through his YouTube and Facebook accounts.

Golez encourages Filipino netizens to be relentless in fighting Con-Ass and Charter Change – the moves widely mistrusts as a con game to keep Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her allies in power beyond 2010.

The battle is joined.

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