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Of Stand-up Comics With No Standing And Bad Timing: Why Con-Ass Will Not Con Me

June 10, 2009


Is the public uproar really about changing the Constitution to make it responsive to the globalized times or is it about Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the timing of the bid to amend the fundamental law?

To this writer, it is akin to a stand-up comic having the best written joke but failing to deliver it with conviction and right time to make the audience roll over in stitches, and his standing as a comic whose acts are worth buying tickets to.

One cannot allow his or her opposition to Con-Ass obscure reason and thus fall into obstructionism as some tag those who question Con-Ass.

They fail, or pigheadedly refuse to understand that the reason some oppose it springs from out mistrust for, and knowledge of the proponents’ track record of mis-governance.

In a previous comment thread over at the political writing Collective I’ve gone on record to say I favor fine-tuning the Constitution but that step should be taken at the onset of the next President’s term and not now in the final 11 months of a grossly unpopular regime’s hold on power.

In the mainstream press today at least one report described those waging a a campaign versus Con-Ass as “slacktivists” as different from those who will be out on the streets today punching their fists into the air and unfurling banners and raising placards declaring their stand.

But however we choose to make our voices heard the reality is this:
GMA has all but expended her political capital to make people believe that her cha-cha is not bundled with term extension.

Hell can freeze over before she and her cohorts con us with avowals of sincerity.


One of our contemporary journalist-sages, Amando Doronila asks in his latest column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer at what point our society may be at:

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