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Filipinos Stand Up Against Con-Ass; Gonzales Admits GMA May Seek Assembly Post!

June 11, 2009


Filipinos assembled in the thousands in Makati yesterday in  the largest mobilization in months against Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the railroaded House of Representatives resolution for a Constituent Assembly even without the concurrence of the Senate.

The crowds came in jeepneys, buses and on foot for the prayer rally against Con-Ass at the now traditional assembly point at the corner of Ayala Avenue and Paseo De Roxas  where a larger than life statue of martyred Sen. Ninoy Aquino stands.

By agreement no presidential wannabee spoke.

Cancer-stricken former President Cory Aquino was unable to come but one of her grandchildren, Kiko Dee, read her message urging Filipinos to stand their ground and protect the Constitution.

Here we are again in the midst of the shameful abuses of the powerful that seek to destroy our sacred laws, she said in Filipino (“Subalit narito muli tayo, sa gitna ng walang-hiyang pang-aabuso ng mga makapangyarihang nagnanais na sirain ang mga pinakayakap sa ating mga batas.”)“Over the years, I have learned to endure pain and sadness, but perhaps, there is nothing that causes me greater pain than to see our people betrayed again and again by those they have elected to lead and serve them. To those of us who fought long and hard to restore our democracy, the pain deepens at the thought that all our gains have so quickly been eroded.

When the dictator Ferdinand Marcos was driven from power in 1986, “didn’t we vow that we will never again allow to throw away our freedom?” This is not the leadership that Filipinos deserve or the society that should be handed down to the next generation.

Former Vice President Tito Guingona Jr. lambasted the charter change move as “nothing but a ploy to extend Arroyo’s hold on power.”

The protesters took turns throwing tomatoes at a tarpaulin bearing the faces of the 170 congressmen who signed House Resolution 1109.

As of 5:30 p.m. the Makati crowd was conservatively estimated at anywhere from 10, 000 to 18,000 while the online No To Con-Ass protest on Facebook was reported to have attracted 25,000 adherents as of last night, apart from at least 3 other FaceBook Cause pages.

The reports from cities outside Metro Manila are still filtering in but protesters in Cebu and  Davao numbered in the hundreds.

Various groups protesting Con-Ass say they will sustain the actions through to July 27 when Arroyo addresses the return of Congress from its summer recess for what should be her last State of the Nation Address.

In  curiously-timed admissions last night, outgoing Justice Secretary Raul Gonzeles (who’s going to act as Arroyo’s chief legal adviser till he resigns to run for mayor of Iloilo) told reporters it was he who had “advised GMA to contest the presidency in the 2004 because of the threats against her”, breaking her own promise not to run again.

Gonzales also confirmed suspicions that Arroyo “may decide to seek a seat in the national assembly if Cha-Cha shifts the Philippines to a parliamentary form of government.”

The black cat is finally out of the bag!

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  1. June 11, 2009 7:07 am

    Oh my! Standing against up “Con-Ass”!

    How appropriate…

    This “con-ass” phrase is just so gross! I didn’t want to point it out but everytime I read it, it just hits you in the face — so quirky that the phrase happens to have an awful translation in French…

    Simply extraordinary!

    The word “CONNASSE” (silent ‘e’) is a French word and pronounced exactly “con-ass” (or more phonetically, ‘konas’). It is a cuss word or a gross insult in the French language and literally means “dirty or ugly cunt!”

    The phrase “NO TO CON-ASS!” is like telling those members of Congress who voted for the resolution that people don’t want their ““DIRTY or UGLY CXXT!) So very appropriate…

    Sometimes, when read a nasty piece of news, I cuss Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo under my breath and I say, “Quelle connasse!” (Pronounced phonetically “Kel Conass! = “What a dirty, ugly cxxt!”)

    To put it more bluntly, “NO TO CON-ASS!” is like saying, “NO TO CXXTS!” Heheheh!

    (Apologies, but there’s no other way to write about it, much less, define it!)

  2. June 11, 2009 7:48 am


    This is most illuminating.

    While the “connasse” pun is surely unintended a direct application of its meaning to the central proponent/s of this dark comedy heaps upon them a most appropriate retort for their deed.

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