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Domestic Abuse And Murder Most Foul: The Ruby Barrameda Case

June 14, 2009


Most coffee and barbershop huntahans and street umpukans in talkative Metro Manila focus on either politics or the latest show business intrigues.But a still unravelling tale of domestic violence and murder most foul is serving as the latest wake up call about how Filipinas are need better protection under the law.

Even the sex tape scandals are off the front pages replaced by how a winsome lady, Ruby Barrameda, was allegedly murdered on orders of her own in-laws.

Patient police sleuthing resulted in the discovery of her decomposing, brutalized remains which had been encased in a steel cabinet and dumped in a portion of heavily polluted Manila Bay at the Navotas fish port.

Ruby’s mortal remains were found more than two years after her sister reported her missing.

It’s now being revealed that Ruby had quietly endured abuse by her husband.

Zooming out on the bigger picture of domestic violence, police statistics show that In less than 10 years the number of domestic abuse cases reported had increased 6-fold  1,100 in 1996 to over 6,500 by 2005.

And now GMA TV News is reporting:

The relatives of five missing people have sought police assistance in filing cases against Barrameda’s father-in-law, Manuel Jimenez Jr., and his brother Lope, said Chief Supt. Roberto Rosales, Metro Manila police chief.
Police have already filed murder charges against the Jimenez brothers and five alleged accomplices for the killing of Barrameda, whose dead body was found encased in concrete inside a steel barrel that was fished out of the waters off Navotas last Wednesday.
Like Barrameda, the five victims were also entombed in steel containers that were thrown into the sea, said Rosales, quoting their relatives.
“The relatives said they were told by witnesses that their loved ones were also placed inside metal drums. The drums were then discarded in the middle of the sea,” he said.
“They said they were really afraid of the Jimenez family. They only found courage to come out when the drum containing Barrameda’s body was found by our men last Wednesday,” he said.
One of the five cases involved that of journalist Alberto Orsolino, who was shot dead in Malabon three years ago, said Rosales. He said Orsolino’s family has said they intend to sue the Jimenezes.
Barrameda’s sister, beauty queen titlist Rochelle Barrameda, claimed the other day that her murdered sister had known about the killing of Orsolino.
Ruby Rose was the estranged wife of Manuel Jimenez III, the son of Manuel Jr.
Rochelle and her mother, Asuncion, told police they believe Ruby Rose may have been killed because of what she knew about the allegedly illegal activities of the Jimenez family, including the alleged disappearances and oil smuggling.

Manuel Montero, a suspect in the killing of Ruby Rose who has turned state witness, said she was killed inside the BSJ warehouse in Pier 2 of the Navotas fish port shortly after she disappeared on March 14, 2007.
Montero claimed the Jimenezes ordered the abduction and killing of Ruby Rose, who lost the legal battle for the custody of her two daughters, aged 9 and 2, with Manuel III.

My mouth is dry and my stomach in turning.

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