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Will FVR Do A Laxalt?

June 19, 2009


Fidel Valdez Ramos has been there and has done that.

He jumped for joy at the climax of the original bloodless People Power revolt that ended the Marcos dictatorship, he was elected President on his own steam and presided over unprecedented post-war economic growth and political stability spoiled only by the Asian financial crisis, tried and failed at his own end-term charter change maneuver, and propped up the Arroyo regime as it faced severe threats of being overthrown by military adventurists.

But is FVR now at his patience and wit’s end over the naked machinations of his prodigy to prolong her immunity-clothed stay at the helm of our deeply polarized society?

Mr. Ramos, who remains internationally admired as an elder Asian statesman, was more than peeved when the political party he himself created was hijacked with Mrs. Arroyo forming PaLaKa.

FVR was placated by being named Chairman Emeritus of Palaka.
But no he’s visibly annoyed again, this time over the all-too-obvious signs that apart from the Con-Ass machinations, GMA ‘s other trump card is to run for Congress.

If push comes to shove. will FVR  have the audacity to do what Nevada senator Paul Laxalt did to Ferdinand Marcos as his regime was teetering: tell GMA  “to cut and cut cleanly.”,9171,960859,00.html

On opposite sides, Arroyo loyalists are saying the anti Con-Ass protests will amount to nothing while militants are warning about the return of a police state.

Fidel Valdez Ramos may have to cross his Rubicon for a second time.

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