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Filipinos Fidgety About Uncontained Influenza AH1N1 Outbreak

June 24, 2009


So it is that health authorities have finally conceded the presence of a “low-level” community outbreak in Metro Manila of the influenza AH1N1 virus.

It’s disturbingly underlined by the suspension of classes in up to 40 schools and confirmation that it’s a female employee of the House of Representatives  who is the first Philippine fatality in the still uncontained global pandemic.

Filipinos are visibly fidgety over the danger of the outbreak widening.
The fears are adding pressures on the economy even with business experts warning about the negative impact of people limiting visits to Metro Manila’s air-conditioned shopping malls.

A knee-jerk reaction would be to take the Department of Health to task for not doing enough but to be fair it has sustained both public information efforts and focused interventions to help suspected patients.

Not much else can be done apart from each and every individual taking extra precautions, particularly those with pre-existing illness which could lower their resistance to the virus.

The prayer is that the Philippine version of AH1NI  will not mutate into a deadlier form.

With the number of confirmed Filipino AH1N1 infections now breaching the 500-mark, the health crisis could very well worsen before it eases.

The global subtext to the fears is the 1918 global flu pandemic that killed millions upon millions.

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