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Celebrating Michael Jackson’s Legacy, And Cebu’s Gem Of A Jail: CPRDC

June 28, 2009


You often hear it – the criticism, not unfounded, that quite many things don’t work or are dysfunctional about public institutions in the Philippines.

But bright spots there are, and one of the best examples is the Cebu Provincial Rehabilitation and Detention Center or CPRDC.

The CPRDC is special is an understatement, especially if you’re talking about jails, and jail management in the Philippines.

As the world grieves about the death of Michael Jackson, people are cheering about the 1,500 inmates of CPRDC for their unique synchronized field exercise-dance tribute to the King of Pop.

The inmates are certified YouTube stars because of their spectacular performance of Michael Jackson’s blockbuster hit ‘Thriller’.

They dance to the song with such gusto that the original YouTube upload has chalked up some 25,000,000 views.

So it’s not surprising that Cable News Network even had one of its news anchors, Anna Cohen to fly down to Cebu to feature the inmates’ special tribute to Michael Jackson with the jail yard festooned with a larger than life tarpaulin of MJ.


To the credit of the Cebu provincial government, and certainly the vision of jail director Byron Garcia, CPRDC’S approach to penology is not only world class but is a program that should be adopted on a national scale.

It behooves our Con-Ass crazy lawmakers to look at this as a worthy reform instead of their lapdoggish fixation on charter change.


Here’s At Midfield’s own tribute to the King of Pop:

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