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Manual Elections And COMELEC’s Bungled Attempt To Outsource Its Job

June 30, 2009


melo smartmatic montage

So it is coming to pass that the much touted deal between the COMELEC and that Smartmatic-TUM consortium to automate next year’s elections is collapsing like a house of cards.

I hate to say it, but as this corner has written in the past, the manner the COMELEC had conducted the bidding in the first place was all-too-irregular.

My fear then was the process seemed designed to fail given that in recent days even though the contract award was supposed to have been a competitive bid COMELEC Chairman Jose Melo and his boys were actually negotiating the contract!

Now it is holding the proverbial empty bag with the midnight marriage of convenience of the Filipino and foreign partner firms going kaput.

All Melo is now saying is the COMELEC will sue the contractors. And more than this, the real spectre is the return to manual elections in 2010 with all the proven dangers of dagdag-bawas and other fraudulent maneuvers coming into play.

This is what we get for the COMELEC’s mishandling of the bidding, and its thoroughly moronic and misdirected attempt to outsource its constitutional mandate.


For our readers’ reference, here are links to this writer’s past relevant blogposts on the troubling issue at hand:

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