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What Is Ailing The President? (With 2nd UPDATE)

July 3, 2009


Is Pres. Gloria sick?

I ask this question as prayerful Filipinos are now  ‘storming Heaven’s Gates’ with healing prayers for President Cory Aquino as close relatives and friends continue their healng Novena while she remains  at the Makati Medical Center.

Though described as being “in stable condition” the family has stopped all medical interventions for her and said they are “leaving her fate to God.”

Priests are said to have given President Cory the Anointment For The Sick – the Last Rites.

In like manner if Malacanang tells us what the true state of health of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s health is, Filipinos will set aside any partisanship and pray for her good health.

But instead of such a report what we have are two dispatches that raise questions about why Mrs. Arroyo went straight to Asian Hospital upon her return from Japan and Brazil.


The two reports assert PGMA sought medical help for “leaking breast implants and a growth in her groin area.”


Manila Bulletin:

President Arroyo underwent removal and replacement of breast silicone implants at a hospital in Muntinlupa City, a source told the Manila Bulletin.
Meanwhile, a Palace official announced that President Arroyo has ended her two-day self imposed quarantine “with a clean bill of health,” and is expected to resume public engagements “in a few days.”
The informant, who requested anonymity since the source was not authorized to speak about the matter, said the President was scheduled to undergo augmentation mammoplasty at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Alabang, Muntinlupa.
In addition, a cyst or lump in the groin area was also scheduled to be removed by surgery, said the hospital source.
A biopsy was also done on her breast, the source said. This does not mean that the President was ill. This was part of regular medical procedures, the source added.
The President canceled the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday in preparation for her quarantine. She checked in at the hospital on Wednesday.
Security measures have been tightened at the hospital during the President’s confinement. All persons, whether visitors or employees, are subjected to intense inspection, a source said.
Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita and Press Secretary Cerge Remonde said Mrs. Arroyo has left Asian Hospital and Medical Center after undergoing self-quarantine following her 13-day visits from influenza-infected countries, including the former British colony of Hong Kong, Brazil, Colombia, United States and Japan.
In an interview shortly after the awarding ceremony of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines at the Rizal Hall of Malacanang Palace, Ermita said the President will be out of the hospital “within the day.”
Remonde said President Arroyo yesterday checked out of the hospital at around 2 p.m. in the pink of health.
“She underwent certain check ups while on quarantine and all the results were okay. She has returned to Malacañang,” he said in a text message.
He also denied rumors that the President had some silicone removed from her body.
Ermita said President’s nearly three-day stay at the Asian Hospital in Alabang, Muntinlupa has given the President a “breathing space” from her hectic schedules.
But, he was quick to add that Mrs. Arroyo remains in touch with him and fellow cabinet members, citing that she “calls anytime she wishes to.”
“The President is taking advantage of her time na nag-self quarantine siya so mabuti na lang nakakapahinga si Presidente dahil masyadong hectic naman ang kanyang byahe and many, many other out of town trips before those trips abroad so mabuting nakakapahinga si Pangulo,” Ermita said.
The President just returned from her long trip on Monday with baskets of foreign investments and employment opportunities for Filipino workers.

Jarius Bondoc In the Philippine Star:

If Gloria Macapagal Arroyo can make secret a trip to Colombia, more so the real aim of her overnight stay at Asian Hospital. The post-travel self-quarantine for A(H1N1) is a handy cover for gynecological procedures. The President has been suffering dysfunctional bleeding, likely due to polyps or myoma in the uterus. She had first walked into the hospital one dawn in 2008 for D&C (dilation and curettage) and left at dusk. News then was that she had an executive check. She’s had three follow-ups this year, the last in June. Menopause is inducing abnormal tissue growth and hormonal imbalance, a source said.
Wednesday dawn Arroyo checked in again — for less serious causes. She needed mammoplastic repair of leaking breast implants done in the ’80s. Occasion too to have doctors take out an inguinal cyst (in the groin), and laser off extra hair growth in that area and the armpits. Though a bit groggy, Arroyo was set to check out yesterday afternoon.
Hospitalizing a President isn’t easy. Patients in five rooms at the VIP 10th floor had to be moved, to billet bodyguards and cooks; P4,000@, or total P20,000 a day. Arroyo was given two connecting suites, P18,000@, or total P36,000 a day, one for her, the other for the family.

Malacanang is issuing a wholesale denial of both stoies.

But it must surely understand that the President, as Head of State and Head of Government needsa to be fully transparent about her health.

The national interest is indubitably linked to a sitting President’s health.

Her health impacts on the entire nation’s political well being.


Malacanang has now reversed itself and is admitting that Mrs. Arroyo has had breast augmentation done on her and was diagnosed with a cyst in her groin area:


On the heels of the reports in the Philippine Star and the Manila Bulletin, a third news outfit, Newsbreak also has a piece titled ‘The President’s Boob Job’ with information coming from unidentified hospital sources.

But a particular facet in the piece is the mention about still undisclosed aspects about GMA allegedly having been diagnosed months ago as “having a fatty liver.”

Fatty livers are, among others, associated with those with a history of heavy liquore intake, past or present.

A further detail that has now surfaced isa that the President had actually been placed under general anaesthesia during the proecur on her breast and groin cysts.

Here’s the account via Manuel Buecamino:

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