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Presidential Health And Public Interest

July 4, 2009


Malacanang has finally come clean on the brouhaha triggered by reports about medical procedures she underwent in the course of her two-day “quarantine”at the Asian Medical Center since she returned from abroad.

Pres. Arroyo’s lady deputy spokesperson Lorelei Fajardo cited the personal nature of the procedures.

Press Secretary Cerge Remonded conceded that Mrs. Arroyo called him to clarify the matter, describing the chief executive as being “irked”.

Here’s what Secretary Remonde told ABS-CBN News:

cerge with gma

Ang nangyari ganito, as I’ve said, nagkakaroon nga ng continuous regular check-up si Presidente tulad ng psagpasok niya sa Asian Medical Center merong nakita na something sa kanyang breast at sa kanya sa may groin, so noong nagcheck na siya at this time so that’s bi-niopsy yung nakita na iyon sa breast niya at saka sa groin.

I mean you can look at her she if she is the type who has a breast implant. Makita n’yo naman kung… halata naman yung mga babae na merong implant  o wala.

Yung mga sexy actress diyan na malalaki ang boobs, yan ang mga may implant. Di naman natin masasabi kay Presidente ‘yan.

It is surely the hope, and intent, of the Palace’s spokespeople that the issue will finally subside and for things to return to normal.

They say Mrs. Arroyo’s been given a clean bill of health with the biopsied cysts all benign or non-cancerous.

A clear lesson is being drawn here: the health of our Head of State and Head of Government us imbued with public interest.

The next time around the public should expect the type of candor belatedly displayed by Secretary Remonde as standard operating procedure.

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