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The Cotabato Carnage ‘Just’ A Test Mission? (UPDATED)

July 6, 2009

cotabato carnage montage

The morning after that Sunday carnage in Cotabato police are picking up the pieces, figuratively and literally with two suspects being subjected to intense questioning..

The military is now saying an MILF special operations unit probably staged the horrific attack as “a test mission.”

Well if it was that then it was a macabre success having killed 5 and injuring close to 5o people  whose only intent was to hear Sunday mass at the Mindanao city’s  Cathedral where the region’s own Catholic Archbishop was officiating.

But the emerging details – that the bomb fashioned from a military mortar shell was detonated just as a para-military service van was passing in front of Immaculate Conception church – point to the bomb nearing the signature of an experienced rebel-trained ordnance man  using the technique perfected by Al Qaeda in Afghanistan or Iran.

This gives one a chilling realization: that such elements are either based in Cotabato City or conveniently go in and out of the city center and have ready access to bomb-making components.

This is urban terrorism at its most frightful.


The finger-pointing and speculations are flying thick as the death count in the attack rose to 6 overnight.

Even for Speaker Jose De Venecia is now claiming the bombing could be part of a ploy to justify the declaration of emergency rule.

But unless JDV is able to cite his basis for the claim it will be a patently irresponsible act for someone of his stature:

The usual suspect, the MILF, is denying any part in the incident.

SOCO AT COTA BLASTThe picture is getting more blurred before police investigators have  completed their task:

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