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Of High Priced Drugs, Former BFFs, And Dysfunctional Governance

July 14, 2009

Looking at Sen. Mar Roxas smiling widely while chapping his hands you’d get the impression that he and Pres. Arroyo would be BFFs because she had just signed the Cheaper Medicines Act into Law.

But that was one year ago and now the Liberal Party’s putative presidential wannabee is mad over Mrs. Arroyo’s failure to sign the long-pending IRR, the implementing rules and regulations for the clear medicines law?

Malacanang reasons that the President first needed to listen to the pleas of the pharma industry.

Now the drug prime war has heated up with accusations of an attempt by one firm to “bribe” the government with discount cards and counter denunciations that Sen. Roxas was just “grandstanding” by sending Mrs. Arroyo herself a summons to attend a Senate hearing.

Us ordinary mortals are left wondering WTF is this drama about dysfunctional governance we’re being treated to?

Ano ba naman, Ate at Kuya?

Sign the IRR already, Madame President, to clear the poisoned air and let the law’s objective be achieved.

The longer you drag your feet, the more public suspicions about the drug cartel lobby are fueled.

Then even Sen. Mar will also settle down and focus on his other political, and personal concerns.

Next story please.

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