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Michael Jackson’s Death Was A Homicide – Report

July 15, 2009

mj murray propofol montage

Here’s heart crushing news for Filipino fans of Michael Jackson.

On-line reports are now saying the King of Pop didn’t die of natural causes.

In fact his death two weeks ago from cardiac arrest is now thought to really have been caused by the illegal injection of the operating room anaesthetic Propofol that bears the brand name Diprivan!

The  show business and celebrity site TMZ in fact now quotes Los Angeles police sources as saying that the cardiologist Conrad Murray who’d been assigned by the producers of MJ’s London comeback concert series ‘This Is It’ is being considered a suspect in Jackson’s homicide.

Murray was the very same doctor who tried but failed to revive Michael using cardio-pulmonary resuscitation last Lune 25 as the pop music icon lay in bed hovering between life and death.

Filipinos have been left recalling memories of Michael Jackson’s two visits to Manila in the early 70’s and in the mid-90’s and how he exuded genuine humility and kindness despite his musical virtuosity.

With the findings that MJ  died of foul play, the immense grief over his untimely passing at the age of 50 is going to intensify yet again.

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