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The Best Job In The World

July 15, 2009

best job hor montage

Know what the best job in the Philippines, nay, in the world is?

Bar none it’s being be a member of the House of Representatives.

Consider these:

1.    You have your own unassailable district constituency in whose name you can earmark pork barrel funds for your favourite contractors on the sole condition of being properly loyal to the occupant of the Palace by the Pasig;

2.    You have the right of first refusal in appointing or rejecting district and even provincial chiefs of the major government agencies, including the revenue collecting units;

3.    Once entrenched the congressional post is yours to bequeath to your preferred kin;

4.    You travel, and travel, and travel , seeing the world and hobnobbing with political royalty.

And for all these Filipinos are indebted to you for rendering selfless service to the public good.

Now ain’t being a member of the Philippine legislature the BEST job in the world?

P.S. You don’t have to really attend sessions. Just be there during the roll call.

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