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Was The Jakarta Bomber Filmed On CCTV? (Updated)

July 18, 2009


Surveillance camera video has surfaced on YouTube capturing the actual moment of the huge explosion that rocked the 5-star JW Marriot (earlier mistakenly reported in early reports as video from the Ritz Carlton) Jakarta hotel on July 17.

But more than the blast itself the CCTV video shows a man pulling a wheeled suitcase going into the airline restaurant on the mezzanine level of the hotel moments before the massive explosion.

The footage was broadcast by the Indonesian capital’s TV One network.

The CCTV video has also been posted on the video sharing site LiveLeak.

The man wearing a baseball cap was filmed entering the restaurant moments before the explosion also appeared to be clutching a big package that looked like a backpack.

Reuters news agency says the man could be the bomber himself

When the smoke cleared the scene of devastation was total with the restaurant windows blown out and even the main food buffet serving area in ruins.

Indonesian police later reported discovering an unexploded bomb on the 18th floor of the Marriot with police now saying Room # 1808 was used by the bombers as their ‘command and control post’.

They also now believe the bombers of the well-planned attacks could have checked into the hotels as guests.

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