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Ease Tita Cory’s Pain, Dear Lord, We Pray

July 19, 2009


The family of former President Cory Aquino has admitted that their matriarch is in pain as she fights a seemingly losing battle against end-stage cancer of the colon.

While the previous two weeks’ 9-day Novena had ended, daily healing masses are now held for Tita Cory right at the chapel of Makati Medical Center where we are now told she will be confined “indefinitely.”

It is most difficult for me to write this but the reality of the situation is we are on a death watch.

This much was admitted today by Kris Aquino who has gone on leave from her TV shows “for several weeks” to always be at her mother’s side as the inevitable nears.

I know full well what the Aquinos and Cojuangcos are going through as my own father in law succumbed to lung cancer three weeks ago.

He went quietly as we raised his fate to the Good Lord.

I join other Filipinos in praying for Tita Cory in her final days with the hope that the Lord Our God ease the extreme physical pain she must be going through.

May our own Joan of Arc remain serene and may Kris and the rest of their family draw comfort from Tita Cory’s readiness to meet The Maker.

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