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What A Villar Presidency Be Like: GMA As A Man (Retitled, Updated

July 19, 2009


Manny Villar has been there and done that: Speaker of the House of Representatives, President of the Senate, accomplished realtor, and oh yes, he also had his own failed development bank.

The only mountain left to climb is the Presidency and the way Mr. Villar has been acting we can be forgiven for thinking that he probably feels he already has the Presidency wrapped up 10 months ahead of the actually elections.

Villar has not found it necessary to to even attend any of the forums where the other wannabees have been  pitching their platforms and positions on key issues.

The last time I heard him speak with any measure of conviction was to angrily denounce the ethics investigation into his conduct in the alleged double budget insertion and realignment of the C-5 road project to benefit his housing projects in Las Pinas.

His spokesman says Sen. Villar “is just waiting for the right timing.”

Is Villar actually giving us a preview of what kind of a President he will be?

If he or his handlers think governance is about timing and of avoiding questions about one’s plans and actions we are in trouble.

Mr. Villar must understand that only by speaking out will Filipinos be able to define their expections of him –  how transparent and accountable it will be.

Assuming he espouses the principle of open government he must fully embrace the premise that if a Villar presidency is to succeed Gloria Macapagal Arroyo it will be a new presidency open to public scrutiny, and oversight.

Most of all we must be assured that when a President MannyVillar speaks he will be able to do so by laying bare his own feelings, thoughts and desires, and vision.

Absent such readiness, a Villar presidency will be unable to get us out of the rut we are in.

1st Update:

Since I first wrote this in July, the political landscape has shifted further with Sen. Mar Roxas sliding down to be Sen.Noynoy Aquino’s vice presidential running with Roxas not only becoming front-running veep wannabee but finally tying the knot with celebrate broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez.

All indications are Ms. K will be more than a sterling ‘political wife’ to Sen. Mar but should prove to be a prime campaigner for both her husband and their  ‘Ninong’ Noy.

Sen. Villar finally shared the stage with the other presumed presidential aspirants, attending the UNDP sponsored forum on the Millennium Development Goals.

But as may be expected, Mr. Villar simply said his solution to attaining the MDG would be to ensure the economy’s progress so more money will be available to fight poverty.

He didn’t say anything about fighting corruption.


What Villar is really gearing up for now is his formal November 19 unveiling of his team up with Sen. Loren Legarda with the Nacionalista Party’s tactical Alliance with the Nationalist People’s Coalition expected to banner Legarda’s pro-environment ‘green agenda’.

So what will a Villar presidency be like.

My prognosis as stated above remains the same.

2nd Update

I am starting to rethink the closing line, in fairness to the central political figure.

Here’s why.

ABS-CBN’s Ricky Carandang’s one-on-one talk with Sen. Villar on The Big Picture revealed a further dimension about how Sen. Villar looks at next year’s elections.
And I must say it was encouraging.

Villar says the Philippines under his presidency will be focused on attaining economic freedom.

“Only if we are economically free can our nation attain true political freedom,” Villar said.

This is also why we decided to rebuild the Nacionalista Party Party,” he told  Carandang, recalling how “it was under th NP that the Philippines attained economic greatness, being number 2 in Asia.”

manny_villar montage

Villar claimed that in the two years since he took over the NP presidency “some 2,000 lelected officials have joined our ranks, including about 200 incumbent mayors.

“Many of the new NP members came of the ranks of the ruling Lakas-KAMPI, and others were party-less, all of them shsaring our vision to bring the Philippines out of pivertty,” Villar said.

Talking about the upcoming NP senatorial slate:

Our line-up will have representation from all sectors of society, including political radicals. We want to give the impression of unity as all of us share a common dream.
Asked about the prospect of his losing in his presidential run, Villar declared
You know I’ve never lost an electoral battle before. But if I do, I’ll just finish my senatorial term and then retire politically. Kung ayaw  sa iyo ng tao, ok na rin (if  the people don’t want you, it’s also ok).

But whatever happens, my advocacy to help our OFWs will continue. I’l probably form a nationwide NGO to continue helping our OFWs.

Well said.

Now I’ll wait if the words will turn into action.

3rd Update:

As political rhetoric went, the words Mr. Villar spoke months ago are going for naught.

Sure his avowed commitment to help OFWs is still there.

But as we are witnessing with the Senate proceedings now, a Villar president if it ever comes to pass will just be like Gloria Arroyo’s:

Full of obfuscation, non-accountability, and circumvention of legal and ethical considerations.

The may Villar has arrogantly refused to account for his role in the C-5 road extension scandal Filipinos will be treated to this attitude, this warped character, this lack of concern for the rule of law if the NP dtandard bearers becomes President.

Patay tayo!!!

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