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Defeating The Abu Sayyaf: Just Do It!

July 20, 2009


The government of the day is declaring for the nth time that it is going to defeat the murderous Al Qaeda-affiliated Abu Sayyaf for good , with the spokesman of the Armed Forces saying they will achieve that goal “before 2010.”

Just do it please instead of thumping your chest.

I say this with mixed exasperation and hope given that the military, and police, had long tagged the ASG as a “ragtag bandit group.”

But the fact is these criminals with supposed extreme Islamist mindsets do not only burrow in Sulu’s thick mountains but are also still operating in Basilan with the ability to blend into the civilian population!

Security authorities have also been unable to prevent the Abu Sayyaf from re-arming themselves and recruiting new believers.

Worse, it is widely thought that the ASG even sources its armaments from military black market (read pilfered guns and ammo) ‘dealers’, apart from sea-borne ‘suppliers’.

Don’t misread this writer – the Abu Sayyaf must be stamped out.

But it serves little purpose for the military to just talk about ridding Philippine society of this terror-inflicting kidnap-for-ransom scourge.

Just do it please.

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