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The Heroism Of Everyday Filipinos: The Death Of 10 OFWs in Afghanisten

July 21, 2009

kandahaw crash montage

Filipino overseas contract workers have long been their country’s economic lifeline given the continuing dysfunctional state of the economy where millions upon millions are jobless.

This as the national wealth is held by the upper 10-percent of Filipinos while others do not benefits from supposed ecdonomic growth.

Add to that the scourge of corruption which eats up 40 percent of public funds allocated for insfrastructure development and other services.

Now we have the gut-wrenching report that 10 Filipinos civilian workers at the NATO military air base in Kandahar, Afghanistan  have been killed in a helicopter crash!

This is the biggest single incident if this magnitude involving of Filipino migrant workers.

Surely the government will be working overtime to immediately repatriate the victims remains and soothe the unending  grief enveloping their next of kin.

The victims deserve no less than a heroes’ funeral.

But even as such formal tributes are not forthcoming the only genuine balm for tragedies such as this is for our national malaise to be corrected in the medium and long term.

If our government and our society as a whole  do not undergo positive socio economic and political change in 2010 and beyond, the deaths  of the 10 OFWs in Kandahar’s war zone and others before them in  under various circumstances will be in vain.

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