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GMA’s Date With History

July 25, 2009

gma sona montage

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is supposed to relinquish the Presidency on June 30, 2010 at the end of a 9-year reign that marks her place in history as the longest-serving chief executive of the Philippines second only to Ferdinand Edralin Marcos.

How kindly or how harshly history will judge her will really be up to her given how her tenure has been pockmarked by scandals over alleged corrupt deals not to mention perceived or actual damage wrought on our democratic institutions.

When she ascends the podium this Monday to deliver her 9th State Of the Nation Address Mrs. Arroyo could rightly be able to report 33 straight quarters of positive economic growth on the basis of data from NEDA.

But the matter of how such growth has trickled down to the masses is already being disputed by economic experts and the political opposition.

In the hour that she is expected to take for deliver her SONA Mrs. Arroyo tangibly show, for her sake and ours, how the seeds of prosperity have been sown for the next generation.

Surely GMA will use her SONA to describe how the next President will be able to build from the foundations she has laid.

Ahead of GMA’s 9th SONA here’s a sampling of the look-ahead reportage and op-ed pices in the mainstream press:

Indeed if there is anything that Filipinos will want to hear, and be convinced of, is Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s assurance that she will step down from power with our Republican Democracy intact.

Do that Mrs. President – forswear any intent to extend your stay in office and make that sacred covenant to open the gate for positive reform and democratic renewal.

In doing so you will not only prove your detractors wrong, you will yet be able to secure a place of honor in our history.

Do it Ma’am.

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