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The Melissa Roxas Case Deepens With The Fil-Am Activist Tagged As An NPA Amazon

July 26, 2009

melissaroxas in npa training montage

The anti- communist party-list group Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) has surfaced purported evidence about Filipino-American activist being an amazon of the New People’s Army.

The claim was closely followed today by the statement of military chief of staff Victor Ibrado asserting that Roxas was neither abducted nor tortured by men tagged by the 31-year-old Roxas as military agents.

The ‘revelations’  deepen the controversy given how Roxas, a U.S. citizen, has sought her government’s help while also getting assistance from the Philippines’ Commission on Human Rights.

With Pres. Arroyo enplaning for Washington D.C. right after her State Of the Nation Address, it now appears certain Roxas’s case will figure in the Gloria Arroyo-Barack Obama summit meeting even as it will reportedly last only 15 minutes.

This bears close watching.


Over at my co-contributor TheJesterInExile (a law student) has blogged an insightful take on the Roxas puzzle:

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