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The Nation Mourns Tita Cory (1st Update)

August 1, 2009


cory wake montage

For the first time in months, if not years, Filipinos are setting aside partisan divisions and are united in prayerful mourning for late former President Cory Aquino.

The Philippine tri-color is flying at half mast across the nation’s town plazas and military camps as cannon salutes boom at 30-minute intervals.

While the Aquino family has declined a State Funeral for Mrs. Aquino, the national tribute now could  equal if not exceed the outpouring that came when her own martyred husband, Senator Ninoy, was laid to rest with his bier atop a truck with the funeral procession to Manila Memorial Park Paranaque taking a whole day to travel the route lined by a multitude of mourners,

People are streaming into the La Salle Greenhills dome to file past Tita Cory’s bier to pay their final respects to a truky great lady.

The line extends all through the length of Ortigas Avenue up to the corner of EDSA,

So it is that People Power is manifesting itself yet again, this time to bid the Philippines’ Icon Of Democracy goodbye.


Across the blogosphere Filipinos of all political stripes are manifesting their thoughts and feelings about Tita Cory through Tweeter, Facebook, Plurk, Friendster, YouTube and other social networking platforms.

Over at the political writing collective among the thoughtful pieces comes from my co-contributor, blackshama, a university professor:

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  1. August 2, 2009 12:59 pm

    I had been a Cory fan. I love Ninoy so much that I always had reference to him in my public speaking. We risk our lives to root for Madam Cory Aquino when she ran against the pride of the Ilocanos. I am an Ilocano but I voted for Cory. It is nice to hear that Filipinos now are setting aside partisan politics to honor Madam Cory. I am, however, so surprised to hear the only apparent heir of Ninoy that he is not enthusiastic to have a state funeral for her mother.

    Noynoy should be the first one to set aside politics at this time. His mother deserves state honor during the funeral. Madam Cory is an icon of democracy so tha her family should not hinder the honor to be given to their mother at this time of her departure from this world.

    Noynoy, how could you!? I always thought that you are an AQUINO! I am beginning to think that the petty and shallow politics of your group had already enveloped you! What a shame!

    To Madam Cory, I hope you are not turning in your casket when you heard your son Noynoy refusing to have a state funeral in your Honor. We are very sorry! However, we still adore you, Madam!

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