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Malacanang’s Sincerity Cast In Doubt As Filipinos Honor Cory Aquino (2nd Update)

August 3, 2009


The Philippine Daily Inquirer literally turned yellow the other day and with its banner headline reminded all of us what we’ve lost with the death of President Cory Aquino.

Even as the Aquino family is urging Filipinos not to trail Tita Cory’s cortege today as her remains are transferred to the Manila Cathedral ahead of her final journey on Wednesday it is certain the multitude of grieving Filipinos will turn out.

It would be best if the political divisions of our society are not manifested at this time.
But sadly they are.

Now Kris Aquino herself has revealed why the family is declining the Arroyo regime’s offer of a State Funeral for Cory.


As the Daily Tribune recounts it:

Kris says Palace wanted Cory’s escorts withdrawn

Even in former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino’s death bed, the Arroyo administration tried to play underhanded politics by ordering two military escorts assigned to Cory to give a written explanation why they should not be recalled to their mother units, implying plans to withdraw the security details for the former president.
Kris Aquino, Cory’s youngest daughter, yesterday related in a television show which she hosts the apparent rude treatment of her dying mother was a major factor for her family’s decision to stick to their plan for a private funeral for Cory.
She said the two military escorts, who she said were already treated as members of the family, were asked to report back to their mother units for “accounting” purposes.
The honor (for my mother) would come from the people, not Malacañang, Kris said.
The young Aquino added a Palace official, who was a family friend, relayed the Palace’s offer for a state funeral for her mother.
She related that the official said the Palace was in a quandary of being “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” on whether or not the family would agree on state honors for the former president.
Kris said her family rejected the overtures and she told the official your problem is not (the Aquino family’s) problem. My only concern is my Mom.
The two soldiers, she said, were “like family” and accompanied her mother to every check-up and accompanied her at the hospital.
Kris said all she wanted was a little respect. “Don’t take away the security blanket of my Mom. It really hurt me,” she added.
So it is that it will be a People’s Funeral for President Cory as Malacanang is reporting that President Arroyo has cut short her US trip to catch the funeral.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s own report quoting Ktis’s statements follows:

“From what I understand, the unit taking care of former Presidents was being dissolved. We were requested to write a letter justifying why my mom should keep her bodyguards, Mel and Cris,” “But it’s my mom’s right to have security. We just wanted the respect due my mom, a former President. Don’t take away my mom’s security blanket. [My brother] Noy was the one who took care of [this],”
(After security detail was withdraw an emissary from the Arroyo administration approached the family and asked if they wanted a state funeral,)
“So I said, ‘Now you want to honor my mom? When you had taken away what was due her as a former President.  Malacañang doesn’t have to give honor to my mom because the honor comes from the country,”
Kris Aquino speaking on her Sunday ABS-CBN show “The Buzz”

Yesterday the Arroyo delegation offered a mass for President Cory at New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

st patricks mass montage

Senator Noynoy Aquino has said they will receive Mrs. Arroyo is she does decide to offer her condolences.

I just hope that for the sake of GENUINE reconciliation such gesture goes beyond the Palace’s usual PR stunts.

Not this time please.


Press Secretary Cerge Remonde has just been interviewed on DZXL, Radio Mindanao Network’s flagship AM station to say Pres. Arroyo was “apologizing to the Aquino family for the pullout of Cory’s two security detail and is asking the military to explain the action.”

Damage control in progress.


Authorities continue their damage control efforts early today with explanations that President Cory’s long-time security detail “was not withdrawn but only had to be called back to their mother units to be replaced by police security personnel.”

Then at La Salle Greenhills this morning police honor guards were posted to salute Mrs. Aquino’s r remains as they were loaded atop a flat bed truck festooned with flowers for the trip to.the Manila Cathedral where they will stsy until Wednesday’s funeral.

Maybe it’s just me.

But the corrective  action ahead of Pres. Arroyo’s early return from her US trip “to catch the Aquino funeral” does not impress.

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