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The Aquino-Marcos Reconciliation Is Complete

August 4, 2009


It is 2:35 p.m. as I write this while watching the live coverage of ABS-CBN News Channel with history-making  images: Imee and Bong Marcos standing before the open casket of late former President Cory Aquino.

The reaction of the crowd is muted with those behind them glancing but not ogling.

From Cory’s bier, the two Marcos children moved on to sit at the front pew and were approached moments later by Ballsy, the eldest of the 5 Aquino siblings. (With Bongbong was wife Lisa Araneta.)

This in my humble point of view is a moment of national reconciliation.

I had been napping just minute ago and before nodding off was reflecting, seriously reflecting about what the scenes will be if and when President Gloria does return in Manila tomorrow in time to crop by at the wake.

I do hope she does, for that singular act will speak eloquently about how national unity can be the sterling legacy that Cory Aquino’s passing bequeaths the nation.

Let it be, I pray.

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