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Filipinos Bury Their Icon Of Democracy: Cory Aquino (Updated)

August 5, 2009


Words are no match to the images as Filipinos turned out en masse today to bury their Icon of Democracy.

The day began in the requiem mass at the Manila Cathedral with the Philippines’s religious and political leaders erasing party divisions in solemn tribute to President Cory.

Two living former Presidents, the sitting Vice President, and the Executive Secretary (representing his President) sat shoulder to shoulder.

Jesuit priest Catalino Arevalo extolled President Cory as a woman of prayer who always turned to God whenever she faced trial or hardship:

It was a strength that others could lean on. It was always there, it never wavered. It was never broken.

Perhaps, a little less elegantly, a seminarian told me last Monday, she was only the true queen our people had ever had.

She was queen because we knew she truly held our hearts and in the gentleness and greatness of her own.

Filipinos (who lined up for hours to pay their last respects) wanted to tell you even for a brief moment, how much they love you. Now you belong with the immortals, but these words are for the mortals with bruised hearts who have lost the mother of the people.

The 70-vehicle funeral cortege (with the flower-bedecked flatbed truck bearing  her casket at the head of the convey) has been on the road for 6 hours as of this posting with its journey, slowed by the thousands upon thousands lining the route to Manila Memorial Park in Paranaque despite the day-long heavy downpour.

cory funeral journey montage

This is arguably the largest funeral the Philippines’ has seen since the 1983 send-off Filipinos gave martyred Senator Ninoy Aquino.

A military honor contingent has been at the cemetery since this morning waiting to give the late former commander-in-chief a final salute.

The People’s Funeral for President Cory Aquino is a poignant historical chapter that will take another generation to equal.

A fitting farewell from a grateful nation.


Here’s a sampling of the on-line reports on today’s signal event from the news majors:


cory interment montage

President Cory’s remains were finally interred at the Aquino family mausoleum at Manila Memorial Park at 8:20 this evening after ajourney from the Manila Cathedral of nearly 9 hours.

The late former President was seen to her final resting place by Filipinos from all walks of life with the final stretch of the funeral cortege route on \Sucat Road estimated by police to have been lined by up to 200,000 people.

A composite honor battalion composed of elements of the three AFP major services plus the Philippine National Police rendered full military honors to their former Commander-in-Chief including a 21-gun-salute.


How the news majors are recapping the historic interment:

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