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George W The Warship, Not The Ex Prez, Visits Manila

August 10, 2009


The Philippines is hosting a big visitor from the United States several days from now.

But it’s not President Obama just yet though he’s swinging through Southeast Asia sometime this year.

Dropping anchor in Manila on the 15th is America’s newest super aircraft carrier the USS George Washington.

And like other Nimitz  class battleships the George Washinton is nuclear powered.

And of course, in line with its no confirm-no-deny standard  operating procedure the U.S. Embassy will have its lips zippered as to whether the aircraft carrier whiuch is coming from military exercises in Indonesia is carrying nuclear weapons.

Wait, you ask, isn’t the entry of nuclear weapons forbidden in the Philippines?


But the truth is such prohibition in the Constitution is implied, not explicit.

Don’t be surprised, however, if groups led by the Nuclear Free Philippines Coalition will be protesting the visit of USS George Washington.

Also stay grounded and don’t expect Malacanang  to react wiith nothing but a shrug.

uss geaorge wash and obama arroyo montage

Real politik is in play, especially as our President has just been ‘warmly received’ at the Oval Office.

Don’t forget, too, that President Arroyo, or rather the Philippines,was ‘tasked’ by Uncle Sam to be its ASEAN ‘coordinator’.

Just another day in the relations between the long-time allies.

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