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This Blog ‘At Midfield’ Is Under Attack

August 10, 2009


I will keep this short, sweet, and for the record.

Not to give any undue importance to nor call attention to this humble blog and it’s author.

It has been conveyed to your Midfielder that we have earned the ire of elements in the shadows who are not happy with our recent blog posts critical of the Le Cirque dinner incident.

I have now tracked clear, and continuing, attempts to hack ‘At Midfield’, and possibly take it down through defacement or denial of service/access attack.

This journalist-blogger stands on the record of this site’s body of work which are hovering close to 800 essays over the past two years.

I have always sought to stay within the parameters of journalism and fair comment.
Doing so, I have always exerted my best, and sincere efforts to present both sides of the ussue at hand.

This principle, my article of faith, stands.

For the record, if suddenly our readers are unable to access At Midfield, you know what has happened.

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