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Leyte Solon Breaks Silence On Million-Peso Le Cirque Dinner (Updated)

August 13, 2009

lecirque- romualdez montage

Leyte congressman Ferdinand Martin Romualdez has broken his silence about the earlier Malacanang claim that he paid for the controversial $20,000 tab for the dinner President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her delegation had at the ritzy Le Cirque (The Circus) restaurant in New York.

The lawmaker has eluded reporters trying to get his version of the event which has triggered public outrage even among his constituents in Leyte.


Now Romualdez is pointing to his New York-based architect-brother as having paid the bill.

He did say, however, if he or his sibling would be willing to show proof that no public money was shelled out in the presidential or how many people were with them nor what actual items were consumed.

Malacanang has insisted it was “a simple dinner with the presidential retinue partaking of set meals and no expensive items like caviar or champagne.

But the solon remained mum about criticisms over  the huge amount involved and whether it could result in grafts charges for violation os such laws  as the Anti Graft And Corruption Act and the Code of Conduct and Ethics for Public Employees:

The fiasco continues to beg for resolution.


I had been waiting for this, our readers reading Romualdez’s statement closely and spotting how he put his foot in his mouth:

Daniel asked Martin to invite the President but Martin or Daniel were absent but still paid the bill? Yet the guy wasn’t even around during dinner, much more during paytime.

The venue was at the resto called The Circus (Le Cirque)

So we are witnessing VERBAL CONTORTIONISTS of the totally unbelievable kind!

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