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An Invitation To A ‘Simple Palace Dinner’

August 14, 2009

A Palace 'Invitation'

Militant and indignant Filipinos are closing the week by creatively scoffing at Malacanang’s pig-head assertions about the  ‘simple’ dinners of the 65-strong presidential retinue that went steakhouse-hopping in New York after the ‘triumphant’ visit to the Oval office of the ‘beloved’ Philippine Prez.

Leading the charge is the Kabataan Partylist which began circulating an ‘Invitation To A Simple Dinner’ at Malacanang ‘hosted’ by Pres. Arroyo with her Press Secretary as Master-of-Ceremonies.

kabataan partylit logo1×791.jpg

A close reading of the ‘invitation’ tags Chefs ‘imported’ all the way from New York.

The Palace By The Pasig will  almost surely not find anything humorous with the creative rendering of the ‘initation’.

But from where I sit the gesture is par for the course given their clueless mishandling of the dinner/s brouhaha.

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