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Ordinary Pinoys End Up Paying For The US Dinners Of GMA’s ‘Gang’

August 17, 2009


So now the blasted cat’s out of the bag.

It is now being admitted that we are the ones paying for those dinners that the 60-person strong retinue President Arroyo had with her for that much-ballyhooed “working official” visit  highlight by a barely 1-hour Oval Office meeting with US Pres. Barack Obama.

Before the presidential delegation jetted off, Filipinos were told only 7 congressmen would be allowed to join ‘on official travel’, and that aside from the President herself only 5 top officials would join her at the White House visit.

Lo and behold, now Speaker Properous, I mean, Prospero Nograles says the congressmen will be asked to reimburse the expenses advanced by Malacanang!

One of the hangers-on, err ‘delegation members, Manila 6th district congressman Bienvenido ‘Benny’ Abante, quite sheepishly admitted to DZMM radio this morning he was told they’d have to each reimburse PhP 300,00.

Anyway we each have PhP 1-M each in official yearly travel allowance, so it will be deducted from that budget.

Computing the total for 29 congressmen reported as being with the presidential party the tab Filipino taxpayers will end up paying is about PhP 7.8-M!

Abante (who’s also a Christian pastor) was not asked about the traveling congressional spouses, so if you add that, the amount could balloon to PhP 15.6-M!!!

So there!

Expletives are not enough for these tough hides!!!


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