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GMA’s US Visit: Speaker Nograles Exposes His Lies, Hints Their U.S. Host Should Foot The Bills

August 18, 2009

nograles and gma us visit montage

The Speaker of our House of Representatives, Prospero Nograles, has issued a new version of his previous statements before the working visit to the United States of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

The lawmaker from Davao City is now admitting the presidential party that included 28 congressmen (not 7 as he earlier said would be the limit) took a chartered Philippine Airlines flight.

Nograles is also now saying the congressmen will probably charge the expenses to their travel allowances IF THE COST OF THE TRIP IS NOT PAID BY EITHER THE PHILIPPINE OF U.S. GOVERNMENTS.

As far as the House is concerned, we have not yet spent anything. If we will be billed later, saka natin pag-usapan. They (the 27 other congressmen in the presidential party) asked me for travel authority.

They didn’t ask me for a per diem. It’s one of the hazards of the job. To sign travel authority. We used a chartered plane. Whether it’s 4 or 20 people who go, the Philippine government or the US government will pay the same amount.

Let’s just pay it on our own. Para matigil na ito. It’s very clear, when a lot of people (congressmen) want to go,

I say, we are on our own. When there is a billing that will come na hindi sinagot, that is the time that we will know that we will bill each person who was there equally.

I don’t know ano yung excess. Pag dating dito, saka natin pag-usapan. We will probably charge it sa kanilang travel allowance.

I cannot tell whether there will be a bill or there will not be a bill, because it’s the US government that invited the Philippine delegation. We had a series of meetings with them.

Pag inimbita ka, sagot ng host country. Kung walang bill, that means sinagot either partly by Philippine government and partly by the American government. Usually, the expenses are paid by the host…

I don’t know which portion or how many people ang sasagutin. It is the US government that invited [the Philippine government].

That is how these foreign travels occur….That is the usual practice. If you get invited by any nation, they also have a budget for accepting dignitaries.

Does the good Speaker know what he is implying?

He is saying that the Obama administration has the implied if not explicit obligation to foot the travel expenses of its guests, in this case President Arroyo and her gang of tourists and ‘gastronomes’!!!

Do they really have no shame???

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