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Turning Congress Into A Cockpit: The Accreditation of Partylist Groups Begins

August 18, 2009


COCKAMAMIE/ˈkɒkəˌmeɪmɪ/ (noun) : Something ridiculous, incredible or implausible.

This is the first and most polite word I can think of to describe the stunt disguised as a legitimate effort by a supposed marginalized group – sabungeros (cockfighting afficianados) to be accredited as a Party-list group by the Commission on Elections.

The 4-page accreditation petition of the Alyansa ng Sabungero counts as members  the kristo, asentista , kasador , sentenciador, mananari, largador, matchmaker, takilyador and backyard breeder .

“(We) lead a hand-to-mouth existence… earning only if the tahor (we) work for wins and earns,” the petition asserts.

It will now be up to COMELEC to pick 50 among the 264 petitioning  groups will be recognized.

We Filipinos must so really love our democracy that we will use laws aimed at broadening public participation in governance, in this case the law-making process, even if such a proposal to bring sabungeros into Congress  turns Congress into a bigger joke than some Filipinos think it already is.

And just you wait, if sabungeros do get into Congress you just might see a certain lady Senator’s spouse in the plenary hall instead of being at your neighbourhood cockpit!

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