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Carnivorous Palawan Plant: A Botanical Find For Malacanang And Congress!

August 20, 2009

Rat eating plant montage

The news item reads:

Botanists believe they have discovered one of the world’s largest carnivorous plants in Southeast Asia.
The giant pitcher plants were located on Mount Victoria in Palawan, central Philippines by a team led by UK botanist Stewart McPherson.
The second largest species, now called Nepenthes attenboroughii, has been named in honor of the UK’s world-renowned natural history presenter Sir David Attenborough.

Fairly simple and non-political, right?.

As the discoverer,UK botanist Stewart McPherson, describes the plant unique ability:

The pitchers are half full of a liquid consisting of acids and enzymes which help break down its prey. These plants grow in really harsh areas where soil quality is very poor — often pure gravel or sand. Around the mouth of the pitcher are secretions of nectar which attracts insects and small animals. The rim has lots of waxy downward-pointing ridges which help prey fall directly into the pitcher.

These plants grow in really harsh areas where soil quality is very poor — often pure gravel or sand. Catching insects allows the plant to augment nutrients that it otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

But when this story surfaced three days ago and raced through the World Wide Web, te nearly unanimous reaction Filipinos had was this:

Hey, do you think the carnivorous plants have a taste for crocodiles and polkiticians with a special liking for lobsters and steak?

Let’s find out by planting an array of this meat-eating plants in Malacanang and over at the House of Representatives!

Not that’s not a totally bad idea!!!

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