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Police Brutality And Remembrances of Martial Law (Updated With Rem Zamora’s Images

August 20, 2009


The police-military cordon was caught napping yesterday when a group of 30 or so youths staged a lighting indignation strike over the now infamous presidential food-tripping in the U.S.

A DZMM radio report even said that as lawmen knocked heads with the militants several protesters actually squeezed through all-important Gate 7 and rushed close the Executive Office Building!

This writer’s sources said the security breach resulted in quite a bawling out session of the ground commanders from the Presidential Security Group.

Not since the Marcos  era had hostile citizens gone so close to Kalayaan Hall.

Remember how raging protesters in the bygone time were able to commandeer a fire truck and ram Gate 7?

As Filipinos remember martial law’s declaration a generation ago next month, one realizes how quite many of the inequities people raged about during Marcos’s unlamented rule are still much felt today.

Brutality is manifested, and felt, in more than the oppressive actions such as those pictured above.


The montage below is composed of photos taken right in the middle of the incident at Gata 7 of Malacanang, the gate at at far end of Mendiola (Don Chino Roces St.)

The sequence begins with the protesting youths staging a lie-in at Gate 7, through to the stand-off with police and presumed PSG men in plain clothes.

Even journalists were targetted for assault.

Our thanks to photo-journalist Veejay Villafranca for referring At Midfield to Rem Zamora’s blog ang his excellent work.



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