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President Mike Velarde?

August 20, 2009


This writer is not a follower of El Shaddai.

But I do have quite a number of friends who swear by how their relationship with the Lord and their understanding of the Word has been continually enriched by Servant-Leader  Mike Velarde’s charismatic evangelistic style.

Never mind his ala-Kuya Germs sartorial projection.

The marketing expert and realtor knows how to sell his wares, and certainly seems to be a the real thing.

But I must confess being perplexed by his final admission that he’s ready to run for President and if he will succeed in figurative, if not literally, merge Church and State affairs.

It will be quite an experiment in social re-engineering in statecraft if not a throwback to the era  when Spanish Crown wielded absolute power in the Philippines through the friars.

This is not to say, though, that an enlightened and just government will not issue from a Mike Velarde Presidency.

Today is Mr. Velarde’s 70th birthday as it turns out, so the inauguration os El Shaddai’s 1-B palace of worship is surely auspicious.

He was telling ABS-CBN’s Anthony Taberna this morning that so far his consultations with his flock indicate a 50-50 among those who want him to un for President and those opposed to it.

His advice to Filipinos ahead of the elections:

1. Register.

2. Get involved

3. Vote according to you conscience.

4. Closely study the candidates’ character and what their platforms are.

Finally, Velarde said he is against charter chance at this time.

Hey, given how traditional politicians have made a mess of our lives, many of us are willing to try anything, even the emergence of a dictatorial caudillo in search for genuinely reforming our dysfunctional democratic institutions.

So why not a Mike Velarde?

Am just scratching my head, though, about this PhP 1-B place of worship?

Can anyone enlighten me please?

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